Advice and Information


Family Services have a group of informed advisors to provide help and detailed information to students or employees of the University and the University Hospital with children, or those looking after dependent family members.

The current policy goal in higher education of shorter and more efficient degree programmes can only be achieved if universities are able to provide the necessary social environment and support infrastructure. Students with children have to juggle personal, social, professional and academic responsibilities, and so care of children or of a dependent family member can present particular challenges. Family Services can offer comprehensive advice on effective ways of organizing your studies, sources of financial assistance, and on convenient childcare and services for children in the Erlangen and Nuremberg areas.

Family Services organizes support services and provides a wide range of advice and information to help employees of the University or the University Hospital with children or dependent family members in the face of, at times, trying circumstances in daily life at university or at the hospital. Employees are very welcome to come to us for advice on matters related to finances, organization or other issues on balancing work and family responsibilities.

Our team at Family Services are happy to assist you with any questions. Office hours are: Monday 9am – 12 noon and Tuesday 2pm – 6pm. It is also possible to arrange an individual appointment either by email ( or by telephone (09131 / 85-23231).